• Salva
  • Umberto Tozzi
  • Abba-Show
  • Appassionante
  • Riccardo Doppio
  • Toto Cutugno
  • Stella a.t. Curlies
  • I Panda
  • limited Edition
  • DJ Bocca
  • Mary grace
  • MIKI Ferrara Band
  • I Dolci Signori
  • Angelo Fabiani
  • Giovanni Costello
  • Emanuela Ferrari
  • Ricchi e Poveri
  • Salva Cover and unplugged
  • Salva & LNG
  • Al Bano Carrisi
  • I tre Tenori
  • Die Vito Jazz Band
  • OR2
  • Viventy Band
  • Barbara Fiorino
  • Teatro La Piazza

Having been active for ten years and over 1,000 concerts in Europe and Asia, the Celtic Harp Orchestra is the world's most famous harp orchestra. With 5 official CD releases and countless contributions in ethnic and ambient music compilations, the CHO style has stretched from celtic music to venetian baroque, from jazz to minimalism, from progressive rock to classical music, always with the guide of Fabius Constable. Important were the past collaborations with artists like Myrdhin, Capercaillie, Carlos Núñez (with whom they shared the stage), and the affiliations and frequent contacts with Lúnasa, Alan Stivell and many other top musicians in the ethnic music and international harp scenes. CHO has worked with professionals making(or having made) the history of italian and european culture, such as Arnoldo Foa, Les Productiones du Dragon (Cirque du Soleil), the lamented Pepi Morgia, the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano ("Venerable Factory of the Duomo of Milan"), the Trinity College of Dublin and many more. Also notable are the performances with Ikuo Iwabuchi (promiment musician of the Japanese “Nouvelle Vague", who has worked with the world renowned director Takashi Miike).